"Enzo Ferrari constructed and assembled the cars himself according to his wishes. Are those days over?
No way: Heinz Kurek proves the contrary. It requires a great amount of expertise, an energetic will and a strong passion for sports cars. Kurek built nothing else in his life."

Financial Times Deutschland

“The philosophy behind the KUREK GT6 can be easily explained as reviving the sports prototype car on the road”.

Thomas Jungmann, all4engineers


Germany's smallest carmaker produces the KUREK GT6 (...) The GT6 offers the driving performance of a racing car".

Robert Tomitzi, SWR

"There are still some idealists who attach importance to the number of pieces of their car: Heinz Kurek is one of them, and because nobody could build his jewel in the number of pieces, he made it on his own".

Michael Koch

"The body design pays tribute to the 60s and 70s. Kurek built the cars with love and passion for technology.

Ralf Schepper, VOX

“This is how you build sports cars - none of them are made for mass production.”

Eberhard Kittler, mot

GT6 / GT7

Heinz Kurek, automobile engineer and intellectual father of the Kurek sports cars, was born in 1938 in Warendorf, Westphalia. The graduate engineer's idea of designing, developing and realizing a completely independent and industrially autonomous automobile which was developed in the early 1960s. In 1970, the first "Kurek" was registered for public roads in Munich, an extremely light GT vehicle equipped with the race car features of the sports prototypes of the time.

Kurek's philosophy then and now is to achieve outstanding performance from an economical point of view through extremely lightweight construction and a homogeneous overall concept. The GT7, which was registered in September 2004 and is therefore Kurek's last automobile development to date, also follows this philosophy. The GT7 is the consequential further development of the GT6 presented in 1998. Similar to the GT6, which served as a technology carrier during development and unwound more than 70,000 km without a hitch, the GT7 is also based on the legendary design of the Porsche 904.

The objective remained the same as with its predecessor: to create an independent prototype that exactly meets Kurek's requirements with a production level of more than 80%. "The GT7 has exclusively those performance features that we believe a sports car should have - and nothing more". Currently, the completely new, innovative KUREK GT8